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Temporary Anchorage Device

What is a Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) and Why is it Used With Braces?

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Sometimes, braces alone can bring about fantastic results. In other cases, however, we need an anchorage point for a pushing and pulling force to help facilitate movements that can’t be achieved with just brackets and wires. In the past, headgear was the go-to treatment in many of these instances. As you can probably guess, not too many patients were thrilled with the prospect of having a large, bulky, highly visible appliance attached to their hardware. Thankfully, these days, there’s an alternative: a temporary anchorage device (TAD). I believe in using modern techniques that can make treatment more effective and easier for my patients at Richard Chan Orthodontics, which is why I’m trained in the use of TADs. Though TADs are an amazing tool, not a lot of patients are all that familiar with them, so I’m covering the basics. Read More