Meet the Team

The Richard Chan Orthodontics team works together to make sure the office runs efficiently and smoothly. Every member is knowledgeable, highly trained and best of all, enthusiastic and friendly. Our staff will be a big part of your treatment, so get to know them.


Vanessa Fife

Treatment Coordinator

Vanessa is quite well read. If you asked her for her favorite book, she would most likely respond that there are so many she couldn’t pick just one! Her favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice. Can you tell what some of Vanessa’s favorite things are? You guessed it – reading and watching movies.

Vanessa also loves hanging out with friends, shopping, and spending time with her nieces. You might find Vanessa in Hawaii or Europe if you were to run into her on a dream vacation! She even backpacked through Europe for two months after graduating college.

Vanessa loves meeting new people and helping them have a great experience at our office.


Belen Duron


Belen is the bright face greeting you as you enter our offices. She loves meeting new people – especially our patients!

Belen has two brothers, one sister and a five-year-old niece. She enjoys spending time with her family, working on puzzles and listening to music. Her favorite movie is A Walk to Remember and in her spare time you might find her reading a Nicolas Sparks novel.

She loves playing sports as well – soccer, basketball, baseball, even dancing!

Belen would love to take a dream vacation to both Hawaii and Italy.


Lucy Lopez


Lucy always has a smile on her face when she’s at our office, which makes sense since getting to know our patients is her favorite part of her job.

Lucy has two younger sisters and a pug named Lola. She loves to dance and spends time with her family.

Her favorite movie is The Little Rascals and her favorite books are The Twilight Series novels. Lucy would love to travel someday to both Venice, Italy and Japan.


Amanda Winkelman


When Amanda is not busy with her husband or five children – ages 15,13,11,6 and 4 – you might find her in our clinic. She loves getting to know patients and their families, being able to watch them grow through the years while acquiring beautiful smiles.

Amanda loves to run, read, and garden. She loves going to the beach, especially on the Oregon Coast and loves watching her children play competitive sports – from football (Go BHS!) to baseball to soccer, wrestling and cross country and track.

Amanda also likes spending time with her two cats, Floofy Pie and Mavis, and can recite any line from the movie Napoleon Dynamite from memory! If she ever gets a break from her busy life, you might find her on a cruise around the world.

She has also been published in several paper crafting magazines and websites for hand-crafted cards she has designed and created.

Did you know that Amanda’s dad is a retired Orthodontist? Making beautiful smiles must run in her family!


Joy Floyd

Financial Coordinator

Joy is at the top of her game and is always happy and willing to solve any account issues. She loves when the insurance companies pay out more than expected – don’t we all!?!

Her favorite books are The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy, which have most likely come in handy as she and her husband raised three sons aged 25, 19 and 19! (Yup, two staff members with twins)!

With her busy life, Joy still manages to find time to cheer on the Mariners – if not at the ball park, then on TV! She also loves watching movies, baking, cooking, organizing and getting together with friends. If you found Joy taking a break from all of this, you’d find her somewhere warm by the water with a book and an iced tea…not being expected to do anything!

Something you might not know about Joy is that she came to the United States from Japan without any family when she was 14-years-old.


Rhonda Lennon

Office Manager

Rhonda has a super upbeat personality and loves just about any movie that can make her laugh. She has been married to her husband for 43 years and they have two adult children, a son and daughter who are both married, and four grandchildren. Rhonda’s family also includes two cats: Jack and Jett.

Rhonda enjoys knitting and crocheting – especially purple hats for newborn babies to bring awareness and education to Shaken Baby Syndrome. You can find out more about this cause at

Rhonda also loves watching the Seahawks, reading James Patterson books, going to concerts, spending time with family, camping, fishing and traveling. She would love going on any road trip that incorporates discovering the United States with her husband. Rhonda loves getting to know patients and their families and relishes the friendships with them that have been created over the years.

Did you know that Rhonda was once on Totally Hidden Video, a TV show from years past?


Tess Davis

Marketing Coordinator

Tess is super fun. She loves planning exciting events and activities to show our patients how much we appreciate them!

Tess lives with her amazing husband, Wyatt, two sweet and fun sons, Boon and Hudson, and if you consider a rock an actual pet – her pet rock!

Her favorite movie is The Princess Bride, and her favorite book is Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson.

Tess loves traveling, thrifting, crafting, bicycling, kayaking, and taking adventures with her family, puttering about her house, and organizing.

Did you know that Tess has always had curly hair? She would get perms in high school, however, later in life the curls just showed up on their own!

If you were to take a vacation anywhere full of color, adventure and interesting people, you would definitely find Tess there!


Thania Esparza


Thania is one of our fabulous clinicians. She is always smiling and laughing, helping our patients to feel at ease and comfortable in our offices. She is friendly and helps many of our patients with her bi-lingual skill set.

Thania comes from a large family – her mother, father, three sisters and four brothers. Her family now also includes her husband and baby boy.

Thania loves hiking, camping, dancing, and spending as much time with her baby boy as possible. She also loves trying new things.

Her favorite book is Of Mice and Men and her favorite movie is Freedom Writers.

Would you like to know something funny about Thania? She did not know her name actually had the letter “H” in it and spelled it Tania for 19 years of her life.

Thania loves absolutely everything about her job which makes her an incredible addition to the clinic here at Richard Chan Orthodontics.


Kendra George

Assistant Treatment Coordinator

Kendra is one of the new additions to our staff and we’re so happy she is a part of our team here at Richard Chan Orthodontics. She loves being with people, and loves that her job allows her to do that by helping our patients persue their treatment options.

Kendra lives with her husband and their five children, 2 girls and 3 boys, along with their dog, Gunnar. Kendra’s dream vacation would be anywhere with her husband.

When not in our office, you might find Kendra quilting, working out, or doing something outside such as hiking or skiing. She also loves reading and watching movies, her favorite being National Treasure.

You might be surprised to know that when Kendra was 18 years old, she taught English to 4-6 year old children in Russia.


Nicki Smith


Nicki is an amazing clinician and has many years experience in orthodontics. She helps our clinic run smoothly and she loves interacting with and getting to know each of our patients.

Nicki lives with her husband and twin boys, age 11, and her 2 year old daughter. They also have two dogs: a Boxer named Dutchess and an English Bulldog named Jade.

Nicki loves getting away in the summer to go camping and if she ever takes off on a dream vacation, you will find her in Bora Bora.

Nicki’s favorite movie is Pitch Perfect and if you asked her to tell you something about herself, she would tell you she is a people watcher.


Kristy Hovenden

Assistant Insurance Coordinator

Kristy is a member of our team who you may not see too often, but helps our office run smoothly behind the scenes working with insurance companies.

Kristy lives with her husband, Sam and they have four children ages 22,19,17,and 14. They also have a Black German Shepard named Vader who happens to be a retired police K-9 officer.

When not at work, you just might find Kristy partaking in some of her favorite activities such as weight lifting, biking, kayaking, rock climbing and wakeboarding.

And if you were to catch Kristy out on her dream vacation, you would have to go search “down under” as she would most likely be found in Australia.

Kristy’s favorite movie is Home for the Holidays, and her favorite book is Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt.

Kristy is a wonderful addition to our staff and we are so happy to have her as a great member of the Richard Chan Orthodontics team.

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