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3D Printer

At Richard Chan Orthodontics, we’re all about using technology to create better smiles more comfortably and conveniently. 3D printing is one of the tools we use to do just that. With our 3D printer, Dr. Chan can design and print custom, clear retainers using the highest quality material. That means no more goopy, gross impressions or long wait times for your initial appliance or replacements.

How does it work? A team member takes a quick, painless digital scan of your teeth using a handheld scanning wand. The scans are converted into a 3D CAD model of your smile, which is sent to our 3D printer. Dr. Chan then prints and fabricates your retainer, giving him complete control over the process for outstanding results and greater flexibility.

Comfortable and Clean

We take digital dental impressions, so you don’t have to bite into a messy tray filled with putty or worry about gagging. The process is clean, comfortable and only takes a few minutes.

Fast Turnaround

When retainers are made at a third-party lab, it takes several weeks for you to receive your appliance. By 3D printing retainers in our office, we can get you your custom retainer a whole lot sooner.

3D Printer

Highly Accurate

High-definition, digital scans are converted into an incredibly accurate, lifelike, 3D model of your mouth from which your appliance is 3D printed. This ensures unparalleled precision and a perfect fit.


3D printing streamlines the process of creating retainers, saving you time. We keep your digital dental model, so if you lose your retainer, we can make you a new one right away. You won’t even have to come in for new scans. We’ll let you know when it is done, and you can come pick it up, or we can even mail it to you!

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