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A Better Smile.
Less Commitment.

Why commit to all of the bells of whistles of comprehensive orthodontic treatment if your smile only needs a little work? Maybe you already had braces but your dog ate your retainer or you have some minor alignment issues you want to fix. Well, Touch Up Your Smile is here to help. You’ll get six months of Invisalign or braces at a price that’s 50% LESS than standard treatment.

Save 50% Off Treatment with Touch Up Your Smile

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Save Time, Money and Headaches!

  • Our flat-fee pricing is completely transparent with no hidden fees or catches.
  • We accept most insurances, including Medicaid.
  • Touch Up Your Smile is pretty much set it and forget it with minimal office visits (none if you choose Invisalign!).
  • You’ll get peace of mind knowing an expert like Dr. Chan created your treatment plan.
Teeth Straightening Made Simple
Braces or Invisalign for $3680
Financing starting at 129/month

Book Your Smile Enhancement Today

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