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Braces Procedure

We know the thought of brackets and wires can make patients uneasy but we have the braces procedure down to a science. It’s painless and you get to hang out with Dr. Chan and his team, which is always enjoyable. Here’s the gist of what happens during your braces treatment in one of our Seattle area or Alaska orthodontic offices:



You’ll swing by for your free consultation and get to meet the Richard Chan Orthodontics family. We’ll examine your teeth, jaws and facial structure and take impressions, photos and x-rays. Dr. Chan will use this information to determine your diagnosis and the best course of treatment. He’ll spend one-on-one time with you to talk about your goals, answer questions and describe exactly what to expect.


The Braces Go On

This is a big day for you and the start of your path to a stellar smile. We promise, this part doesn’t hurt and there are no needles! Dr. Chan will bond the brackets to your teeth using special adhesive and place the archwires and any additional components like elastics. The whole process takes about 45 minutes to an hour. We’ll give you the low down on how to take care of your new hardware and send you on your way.



We’ll schedule you for periodic appointments so Dr. Chan can keep an eye on your progress and make adjustments. Every time your braces are adjusted, your teeth move a little bit closer to their new positions. Of course, you can always bring up any questions and concerns during your visits and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and happy with your treatment.


Braces Removal

Congratulations! The moment of truth is here. Dr. Chan uses special tools to take off your brackets and wires, which is also a pain-free experience. He’ll polish your teeth and let you admire your beautiful new smile in the mirror.


The Retention Phase

After your braces come off, you’ll be fitted for retainers to maintain your results. The teeth will want to go back to their old positions so it’s important to wear the retainers as directed to prevent this and ensure your smile lasts a lifetime.

We Create Confident Smiles

Let’s discuss your treatment goals and how we can help you achieve a grin you’re proud of