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Orthodontist Reviews

Our exceptional customer service, amazing results and positive, enthusiastic atmosphere mean our patients are some happy campers. See what they have to say about Richard Chan Orthodontics and our Seattle area (Mill Creek-Everett, Monroe, Bothell) and Alaska (Juneau) orthodontic offices.

Great experience sending three of our kids here for braces! Dr. Chan is great, and the office is clean and professional. We also love the massage chairs in the lobby.
jennifer griner
Five star. Would recommend. Myself and my two kids were treated here.
I’ve had the best dental care here then I’ve ever had. They are easy to schedule in regular appointments and emergency ones too. They have easy financing options. My teeth look great! I highly recommend Dr Chan.
Tim Li
Great every experience in the whole 2 years treatment .
Sarah Sbardella
Office has several locations and staff are very easy to work with. Scheduling is very convenient and Dr. Chan is very forthright and professional.
Eva Cray
All the staff were really friendly and everyone was always on time and working efficiently. I love the results
Serenity Jones
Sumrin Mir
Great experience with both my kids. Would highly recommend them!
Dr Chan and his staff are friendly and professional. Both of my boys are receiving great care here
M Cornwell
Welcoming, informative, kind, supportive, and friendly are just a few things that describe this office and their service. Both my kids got braces here and always felt comfortable. Bonus they have massage chairs for as you wait.
Arliny Gomez
My daughter love this place, their staff is amazing.
Banan Man
Great staff, and always available to come in anytime to get work done!
Richard Chan Orthodontists has been a comfortable place with a friendly and responsive office environment.
Vipul Patel
This dentistry is really good. The staff here are the nicest I’ve ever seen and extremely helpful and chill. Both of my kids went to Richard Chan orthodontics and we couldn't be happier. They are always very pleasant , kind, gentle and professional. When we went to our first consultation they explained everything about the process, yet we never felt rushed to start, which was very important to us. Strongly recommend.
Ifeta Srna
Best orthodontist in Seattle 🙏
Greeshma M
I had a positive experience at richard chan orthodontists! They are very welcoming and caring professionals and have an amazing community built here.
Ayo Kelz
Kumi Pass
Dr. Chan and his assistants & staffs, all are friendly, helpful and supportive. The office is clean and neat.
John Monahan
Great staff and excellent care. My teeth look amazing.
Raquel Slater
Sarah had a long dental treatment of 8 years and today we finished the dental treatment and certainly the best place we chose the entire team in this long period always treated us with respect
Su Lee
Staff are always efficient, friendly, and understanding, and Dr. Chan is very knowledgeable and patient! We always have a smooth experience and are grateful for their work.
This dentistry is really good. The staff here are the nicest I’ve ever seen and extremely helpful and chill. They are also very gentle with my teeth know that because I have sensitive gums. Extremely happy with the results as well.
Traci Fuiten
Friendly and professional staff. Great experience.
Bela Bhatt
Rakesh Verma
My daughter went to Dr. Chan in Bothell. I was very pleased with overall experience and a happy daughter with nice smile.
Josh Beuca
Very good service, they did a very good job with being on time with calling your name to go in to get worked on
Erika Merkulov
Dr. Chan is amazing!! The whole process was very enjoyable for me as a patient. He is VERY knowledgeable and will give you pros and cons of anything he suggests before you make your decision.
Dr. Chan and all of the employees at both the Bothell and Millcreek offices are amazing! All three of my kids have gone to him for their braces now.
Catherine White
My son and I had a pleasant experience at Ruchard Chan Orthodontics. Dr. Chan and his staff are friendly, helpful and supportive. My son is pleased with his new smile!
Carole degardin
It is a great feeling to be taken care of by Dr. Chan and his team. They are true professionals and experts who understand what you want, and who will get you there. Thank you!
Dramatic change!!! My teeth look even better than I could have ever imagined! Dr. Chan and his staff did an excellent job and everyone are so pleasant and friendly. The results were well worth the wait!!!
We love all of Dr.Chan’s staff and locations. Everyone is super kind, shows care and attention to all our kids. Dr. Chan and Ms. Fife are like family to us! This approach is what sets this ortho service apart from all the others.
I really like going to Doc. Chang he is really profesional, he care about what you want and need. I took my daughters with him to fix their teeth’s, my niece’s, now it’s my turn. I’m really satisfied with his work. I highly recommended.
Forrest Carlile
Getting braces was easy with Dr. Chan! We made a plan, I did my part and got them off pretty fast! Everyone is so nice.
John Huang
They have done a fine job straightening my girl's teeth. Initially, there weren't enough room for the adult teeth, and they were cramped together. The orthodontic process moved them to a good alignment, and the result had been satisfactory.Doctor Chan and all the assistants were very friendly. We were always greeted with smiles. This has been a positive experience for us.
Delaney Jo
I had the best experience with Richard Chan Orthodontist. Amazing staff, the best experience and overall a 5/5 stars!
I really enjoyed my whole experience with Richard Chan Orthodontics. Everything was so easy and simple, and I really enjoyed the whole Invisalign process. I always felt like I was in the best hands with Dr. Chan and all of his amazing staff.
Henson Dinh
Very good environment, everyone’s very nice.
Wang Jinlian
My boy did his Invisalign over a two year period at this clinic. The staff there are nice, and Dr. Chan is very professional at doing his job.
bonnie degroff
Everyone at Richard Chan Orthodontics is amazing! Always professional, friendly and top quality! I highly recommend Dr. Chan and his staff!
Victor Manuel
They are always professional, and so friendly. Additionally they always answers all my questions with promptness an efficacy.Thank you so much Richard Chan Orthodontics Team!!
Emily Callin
I have been going to the Bothell office for a long time now and have always liked going there! Everyone in the office is very nice and always took care of me very well. I’m so glad I got to be able to go to Dr.Chan and have his help during my process with braces! Had a very good experience and would always recommend going here!
Hayley Miller
It has been a good experience and very kind. This is our third child going to Dr. Chan and our fourth will start soon!
Avni Panchal
I’ve had an amazing experience with Richard Chan Ortho! The staff is so friendly and welcoming. I appreciated all the help that went into fixing my smile.
K Kloster
I found Dr Chan based on his reviews. He has worked to fix my smile and I am very happy with it. I am glad that he has different offices which helps with appointments. If you are looking for a top notch orthodontist then Dr Chan is your man!!
Jennifer S
After being turned down by other orthodontist, I was lucky to find Richard Orthodontist who had accepted me and had great financial programs! My experience with them has been great and would definitely recommend anyone here, their staff is so nice and patience with you.
Sarah Phin
Dr Chan is a fantastic orthodontis. His staff is professional and friendly. State of the art procedures, x-rays and imaging. Flexable payment options and several locations to accommodate services. I highly recommend Dr Chan.
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Stacy Land
My daughter is so excited to get her braces off this week! It’s been a great experience and with some nice straight teeth she gets to schedule her senior pictures! Thanks for everything!
Anne Brown
Dr. Chan has given both our kids great service both before and during treatment. We love that we can schedule at different locations. In the year leading up to starting treatment I appreciated the informed and patient approach to a treatment plan while we waited for the kids’ mouths to be ready.During treatment they were patient with my oldest as he grew and got his driver’s license, and made him feel comfortable enough to bring he and his sister to appointments on their own and schedule future appointments. They always communicated well with me as well. We are excited to wrap up one treatment today!
Alec Flores
I always felt comfortable at the office! Everyone was incredibly nice and made sure I understood everything, the atmosphere was very inviting and friendly.
Meagen Michell
Such a wonderful experience. Always willing to work with schedules and such. My daughter’s teeth look amazing. Dr Chan and his team are the best in the valley. This has been a very long journey and I can honestly say I know it was the best it could have been with this team.
James Wilkinson
They provided a great care for my daughter over the last couple years of braces. I would highly recommend Dr Chan if you're looking for an Orthodontist.
Valerie Baker
My daughter and I both have braces from here. The staff is always friendly any problems are addressed immediately and with care. They can set up a payment plan that is very affordable. I highly recommend Dr. Chan and his staff.
LeAnne Myhill
We have loved our experience with Dr Chan and his staff. Every person we’ve encountered has been so kind and we were pleased with how quickly the whole process was. Any time I spoke with office staff on the phone I was incredibly impressed with their kindness and knowledge and truly made me feel at peace with any questions/concerns. We can confidently recommend Dr Chan Orthodontics!
Amelia Halgren
The staff here are always friendly, comforting, and understanding. There are even massage chairs in the waiting area!I appreciated very much the appointment reminders by text message. Understandably there’s still a charge for missed appointments, but there’s a one-time forgiveness of a missed appointment when they will waive this fee. Thankfully due to their reminders and willingness to reschedule up to 24 hours in advance we only had to pay for one missed appointment in more than three years of appointments.
Jen Mandish
We have really enjoyed Dr Chan as our orthodontist! His staff is very friendly and they have always been very accommodating! Would highly recommend!
Irina Arakelyan
We had the best experience with Dr. Chan. My daughter had a unique situation and Dr. Chan and his team stepped up to the challenge. We are so thankful for their expertise and the end result. Thank you for a lifetime of smiles.
Nancy Sharpe
I have been bringing Sasha and Bruce to Dr Chan for over 2 years, every one has been the very best in helping, & answering questions.The whole experience has been a wonderful and easy process for both Sasha and Bruce in getting their work done.I will always recommend Dr Chan if there is ever a opportunity to do so.Thank you so much
Dr. Chan and his entire staff have been so friendly and professional. They have been so easy to work with and the entire experence with them has been wonderful. I would highly recommend him and his office if your child needs braces.
Fantastic Orthodontist and lovely staff in multiple locations! Very happy with my smile! I highly recommend Dr. Chan!!! 😁
Erica Graf
We have had the best experience with Dr. Chan’s office! Always upbeat and accommodating, his staff is amazing to work with. Dr. Chan is wonderful to work with—takes the time to answer questions, explain treatments, and has a calm manner that made my daughter comfortable right from the beginning of her treatments. We have also been so grateful that, when we lost our orthodontics coverage, there was still a way to make her treatments affordable. We highly recommend Dr Chan’s office!
Brandy Ochoa
Dr. Chan and his staff are super friendly and helpful! 4 of my kids have had braces and each time we have had a positive experience.
Kiaira King
Great experience. Treatment went as planned and my visits were always efficient!
Jamie Klier
We had a great experience at Dr. Chan’s office. The staff is very friendly and informative. I love how organized they are with text appointment reminders. Will definitely be back with our other son!
Blythe Asmann
Dr. Chan and his staff are the best! Working with them for both of our daughters was so easy. They are flexible with scheduling , offer financing and made the experience generally pleasant and even fun with monthly drawings! I highly recommend them!
Omar Rodriguez
My teen received quality care from Dr Chan and his amazing staff. Loved the atmosphere and every treated us wonderfully. I would totally recommend Dr. Chan and his team to everyone.
Ruby Cerna
Amazing staff! I was never disappointed and I enjoyed all my visits. I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs or wants braces!
Diana Almanza
I have enjoyed coming here, staff has been very friendly during all of my visits and am happy with my teeth. Thank you !
savy g
Pretty great! I don't have very many complaints, other than my jaw pops a lot and maybe some certain times when the wires were a little long and I had trouble with eating. Overall, everyone was super nice here. They were easy to communicate with, and they helped with any problems, questions, or concerns I had. Getting my braces off tomorrow. Excited!
fatou sonko
Great service, and amazing people!!
I really enjoyed my appointments at Richard Chang Orthodontist in Mill Creek. The staff has always been super sweet and helpful. I had braces for three years and I recently just got them off and I couldn’t be happier with the results. They made the journey of braces super easy and helpful for me. I recommend!!!!
mama K
Richard Chan Orthodontics is a great place! They offer many options. My daughter got her braces & I paid $99 per month until paid. The staff are kind and understanding. Dr. Chan is a wonderful orthodontist. I very much appreciate them all & how they've help my daughter feel comfortable with her smile. Definitely highly recommend!!! Thanks for everything
Diana Graham
We have been involved with Richard Chan orthodontics for quite a few years. My son needed jaw surgery for a full correction and they referred us to a phenomenal surgeon. Throughout the years we have been going, they have been helpful and gone out of their way for my busy single-mom schedule. I cannot recommend their team highly enough.
ava haight
Dr. Chan is super sweet and has an amazing staff!
Dylan Prewitt
Super friendly crew and service! I always feel welcome and every worker is super kind, it feels like home in a way. Just got my braces off and they look amazing, even better than I expected and I already knew they’d look great, I highly recommend Richard Chan’s Orthodontics, they are a go-to for straight and perfect teeth!
Brenda Renteria
I just got my braces off and I’m so happy!Thank you to RCO and his Amazing staff. They were always very clear giving instructions and answering any questions.
Jill Jenkins
Shout out to Richard Chan orthodontics! Dr. Chan has straightened two of our children’s teeth and they look perfect! Dr. Chan is so good at what he does and makes sure everything is in order no matter how long it takes! Thank you Dr. Chan and your amazing, friendly staff! 😀
I highly recommend Dr.Chan and his staff. I went with Invisalign as he recommend, I love how my teeth look now.
Tiffany Roeder
Great place to get braces. Financial fear kept me from getting in earlier for my daughter. These guys help in anyway they can. Friendly staff. Easy scheduling. Thank you guys for all your help.
Olivia Gardner
I just got my braces off and I’m very happy with how my teeth look. Dr.Chan and his staff are a friendly and supportive team. They are very helpful in achieving a great smile!
Heidi Hunt
We have two family members that have received care through Richard Chan Orthodontics. The staff is knowledgeable and courteous. They are extremely helpful coordinating appointments between them and our family dentist taking the stress off our shoulders. I now have two boys with beautiful straight teeth and love seeing them smile again. we are also looking into doing Invisalign in the near future. I highly recommend Dr Chan’s office to all.
Taylor D.
This was my first time having orthodontic work done, and every step of the way the team was great. They answered every question I had, and the staff is friendly and professional.
Kendra George
Richard Chan Orthodontics was a perfect experience for my daughter. Dr. Chan is friendly and kind and has a genuine desire to help people have the smile of their dreams! His Staff is Amazing and I will be taking the rest of my kids there for their orthodontic treatment.
M Macfarlane
Both of my children enjoyed working with Dr. Chan and his staff. Everyone at the office is helpful, kind and friendly. I particularly appreciated the welcoming and family friendly atmosphere.
Heather Weaver
Dr. Chan's office is comfortable, professional and friendly. His Affordable pricing and payment installments helped our family to achieve beautiful smiles.
Dr. Chan and his team were great to work with! Everyone is so nice and professional. I am very pleased with the service we received and how my son's teeth turned out!
Cindy Lieberman
Today was my final orthodontic visit. Virtual hugs and handshakes all around (due to COVID) for a job very well done! As an adult, I needed to fix my wonky bite and save my teeth. As a working professional, I chose Invisalign. Today, my teeth are straight, aligned, and, with my (hidden) permanent retainer, never to move again! While it didn't happen overnight (25 months), it was completely painless. I appreciated that I didn't have to visit too often: the Invisalign trays did their work with just occasional checkups. Dr. Chan and his staff are - to a person - super friendly and professional, in every office. Vanessa was indispensable in helping me maximize my insurance coverage and flexible benefits. I also felt well cared for and protected during my COVID visits thanks to their many cleaning and sanitizing protocols. Great results and highly recommended!
I couldn’t have asked for a better team to handle my treatment. Everyone there are so awesome, they make you feel welcomed, and truly care about you. I am really grateful, and will miss you all. Thank you for giving me the smile I always wanted(:
They are all really nice and they did amazing work on my teeth, I really recommend it to everyone! 🙂
G. Nieto
Super friendly and personable staff throughout entire treatment services. Doctor Chan and staff were very proficient in every aspect. Every contact with this staff was awesome! I’m so happy and excited now I have a beautiful smile.
Gage Nagy
They did a great job with help me have a great smile. Whenever I had a broken bracket, they got me in to get it fixed right away. Thank You!
Markie Price
Best ever! Loved the atmosphere and every treated me wonderfully. I would totally recommend Dr. Chan and his team to everyone.
ben kriegmont
My teen received quality care from Dr Chan and his amazing staff. He understands and works well with athletes by making connections with them in a real way. His staff goes the extra mile to make you feel welcome. Great care
Rita Bauman
Dr. Chan and his whole staff are the greatest! Everyone is very friendly, helpful, and easy to work with. They really try to go the extra mile to make it a great experience, and get the results you want. Dr. Chan and his staff take the time necessary to answer any questions you may have in a very patient and thorough way. Thank you Dr. Chan!
Next Reviews
Shernett Palmer
They did a great job with my daughter’s teeth, I would recommend Dr Chan. Staff are very professional and patient. Great place!
Micel Linarez
When we first started my treatment they did a good job at explaining what they were doing, what the next steps were going to be and they answered all and any questions i had. I liked that they always made sure to call back in a timely manner and it was easy to reschedule appointments. & most importantly all the employees were always nice and caring
Laila Oliveira
I highly recommend Doctor Richard's clinic, from the receptionists to the doctor who are simply wonderful, their service is 100% efficient, a very clean and safe place. They are very helpful, they always do everything carefully, they always explain every procedure. Their prices are great. I more than recommend this place. I love them
Brithany B
I’ll miss not having my braces on but I’m happy with my new smile thanks to doctor Chan, he has a lot of patience and his team is really great. Thank you for my new smile
The Staff there is great dr chan knew what I wanted and made me more confident of my smile I love the results of my teeth thank you highly recommend
Front desk was always very attentive and friendly. Back staff was always friendly as well and provided fast and efficient care.
Henry Rivas
Phaylorn Lay
We are very pleased with the service provided at Richard Chan Orthodontics. The staffs are friendly and professional. My youngest is finishing up her treatment and will get her bracess off tomorrow! She is excited! Her big sister has about one year left. I would recommend Dr. Richard Chan to anyone needing orthodontic care. Overall a positive experience for my two girls and this momma!
Ricki Leishman
We have loved working with Dr. Chan and his team! They are all so positive, professional, and caring. We are grateful for the work they do and have been so pleased with the results!
Vanessa Quach
Extremely High customer service.
Wenbin Wang
They have done a wonderful job to my teenager’s teeth. The staff is professional and friendly, super easy to work with. We have gone to both the bothell and mill creek location which are all nice and clean. We highly recommend this place.
Maricela Mendez
Thank you, my daughter is happy with her new smile, I really liked the work on her, yesterday she had her routine appointment and they also gave her a beautiful detail. I recommend it, thank you Richard Chan, keep making more beautiful smiles
Yareli Figueroa
Excelente lugar el personal es muy amable el Doctor muy bueno mi dentista me avía mandado a otra clínica tuve una muy mala experiencia fui a mi primera cita y me dijeron q necesitaba 2 cirugías por unos espacios que tenia q tenían q ver con que cirujano me mandaban estaba muy preocupada por lo arriesgoso que podría ser esto me programaron una cita pasaron 5 meces nunca me llamaron fui donde el Doctor Richard y me dio la siguiente cita para ponerme mis frenillos ya tengo mis frenillos 🙏🏻
Laura Aby
Our 2 year experience with Dr. Chan orthodontics was AWESOME experience. At consultation we were informed in detail of the whole process. Dr. Chan is very personable and friendly to his patients. Make a us feel like part of the Chan Orthodontic family. My daughter was at eastaff was very sweet and welcoming. I would recommend Dr Chan to anyone. Thank you Dr Chan and staff for all you do.
Alisha Noeuy
Convenient location, get to take my braces off earlier than expected! Very clean place and the staffs were very kind every time
aries aranez
Very accommodating and nice staff
Mya Strunk
Super friendly staff!
Katy Desanctis
Always a welcoming environment, efficient, all the staff knows what they’re doing and have made the whole Invisalign experience for my son so smooth!
Timothy Lee
Excellent experience, fixed my teeth positioning as well as helped my jaw positioning!
Zorayda Cortes
Everyone at Richard Chan Orthodontics is so amazing! Always professional, friendly and top quality! I highly recommend Dr. Chan and his staff to anyone who is thinking of getting braces!!
Genio Velasquez
I just wanted to say thank you to Mr. Richard Chan and his staff. I have had my braces for two years and have seen the amazing change on my teeth. Whenever a wire popped out they were always quick to squeeze me in for a quick appointment to get that fixed. They always explained what they were going to do for each appointment and clear about what to do to keep your teeth in good shape.
Aylin Bustos
Nice and friendly staff, definitely worth your time and money. I loved going to the Bothell location for the earlier and later appointments, but I enjoyed the closeness of the Mill Creek office too! Now I have a lovely smile thanks to Dr.Chan and his team! 😊
I can honestly say I’ve never been more happy with my teeth and my experience with Richard Chan Orthodontists. I’ve been to all three locations and the staff at each location has been very friendly and welcoming, not to mention Dr. Chan himself, he’s very skilled. Each time I went in, I was inform what was done and why, seeing the progress throughout the months was amazing, and honestly hard to believe. Dr.Chan provides lots of value with each appointment and isn’t satisfied until you are and that says a lot. I believe trust is earned and not given and I genuinely trust Dr.Chan and his staff, especially seeing my results. I most definitely would refer Richard Chan Orthodontists with peers as the experience was beautiful. Thanks again!
Safia Isahaq
My experience for the past two years here at Richard Chan Orthodontics has been great!. I could not have received better treatment elsewhere. Every time I came in for an appointment the environment was very inviting, the people are great, and very professional as well. Richard Chan Orthodontics is someplace I would recommend to anyone who is seeking Orthodontic treatment, it really is the best place to come to.
Brandy S
Very warm and friendly staff. Great service all around. Would recommend.
Had a great experience with my braces got them off today. They were there for every step of the way and loved the end results of my journey!
Lisa Lim
Quick appointments. Caring, friendly staff. Overall great experience.
Dr. Chan gave both of my children beautiful smiles. One had braces and the other invisalign and both had fantastic experiences. The staff is so welcoming and friendly while also being very professional. Appointments were always efficient and the team was very responsive in helping schedule appointments to accommodate our busy schedules.
Amazing and kind people at the front desk and as well as the dental assistants, highly recommend.
Yvonne M. Lake
Very good customer service and did a great job making sure they did what was needed to help my teeth.
Meili Li
I love Richard Chan orthodontist, it’s such a loving community and I enjoy every appointment! Everyone was so nice and welcoming, will definitely encourage my friends to come!
Daniel Barros
100% satisfied they are the best team in the world
Great service and everyone is always so welcoming! I love it here !
miranda taylor
I have loved coming to Richard Chan Orthodontics for the past 2 years. Everyone is so nice and caring there. They get you in and out of your appointments very quickly and do a good job of being gentle. Overall Dr.Chan and his crew are a great team
Aka walkable
My overall experience was very good. Everyone at Richard Chan orthodontics is so nice, helpful and outgoing. I had very crooked teeth and also an overbite and my teeth are now straight and I don’t have an overbite anymore, this was all fixed in only 2 years! I’m excited to get my braces off but sad that I won’t be going there anymore.-Madison Taylor
The staff is very nice and professional. They are also very open and informative with what they’re doing and so there are no surprises. Appointments are easy to schedule and it’s nice having the option for mill creek or bothell office.
Dylan Villegas
Dr. Chan and the crew do a great Job of getting you in and out of your appointments as quickly as possible. They are all very caring and gentle when working on your teeth. After a 2 and a half year long treatment I can say Dr.Chan and his crew are very professional and know what they’re doing. Highly recommend Dr. Chan as he has also worked with my dad as well.
Karla Arroyo
I loved the work that doctor Chan did, in a year my teeth look perfect.
Sumit Kumar
Great experience with the doctor, the staff and the facility overall! Now my son is also starting his treatment!
Richard Chan Orthodontics really knows how to take care of their patients I always feel comfortable while taking my child for treatment and I never had any problems.
George Ahearn
Easy to get to locations, professional and great staff to work with. I trust the professional service.
Through thick and thin, the team always made sure to take care of me. Even if I was late or had to reschedule, all locations have the same welcoming “Hello” when you walk in so you feel right at home. Would recommend to multiple friends if their teeth weren’t already straight!
Nathan Nguyen
Very excellent and have good staff
Cindy B
Both my kids are getting Invisalign, we love Doctor Chan. Everyone has been super helpful. Wonderful experience!
Zoë F
Absolutely love this team! They have from day 1 made sure I had everything I needed and that I was taken care of correctly. Everyone is so friendly and lovely to see. Dr. Chan is amazing and made my smile beautiful!
clarissa leyva
Great place!!! Richard Chan Ortho really knows how to take care of their paitents I always feel comfortable and I never had any problems coming here. 10/10 Recommend
Vania Ceja
The best dental care I have ever experienced! The staff are great, they are the nicest people!would highly recommend to anyone!!!
Esme Ochoa
Kyung Min Park
The staff is no nice and efficient!
Next Reviews
julie mitchell
The staff were very kind and retuned phone calls and messages swiftly. Thank you Dr. Chan for correcting my daughter’s teeth.
Living in Sitka, we have had to travel to Juneau to see Dr Chan for Invisilign for my 16yo son. It has absolutely been worth it. The process was seamless. Staff was helpful, Dr Chan was always willing to listen and walk us through each stage, and the results were fantastic. I cannot recommend Dr Chan and his staff highly enough! Many thanks!
J Booth
Dr. Chan Rocks! My daughter’s smile is perfect and we’re SO happy!
Dr. Richard did an amazing job with my braces. He is such a great othordontist and I highly recommend him. The staff is also amazing, they are very helpful and kind. In addition to being friendly and great at their job. I am very happy with everything!
Barbara Kelly
I’ve had a great experience with Dr Chan and his staff. They are professional and friendly
Megan Freas
Dr. Chan was always a delight to deal with and his team was always fast to my rescue when needed. He planned my treatment and gave me a timeframe and my treatment was complete in said timeframe. Super appreciated all around!!
Susil Mateo
RV Davis
Dr Chan is the acme of orthodontic professionalism, and he truly, genuinely wants to please his patients, and do what’s best for them.
Gabby Ely
I have had my braces for almost 3 years. Dr. Chan and his staff have been amazing through it all. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs orthotic work.
Karragh Arndt
Dr. Chan and his staff were knowledable, kind, and availablebeh eh we needed them. The Invisalign’s were easy and worked well. We would (and have) recommended Dr. Chan to others.
Amy Ely
Dr Chan has been our orthodontist for many years, at first I was wasn’t sure since he wasn’t in town all the time. But after having a not so pleasant experience with a local orthodontist I had to give him a try. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with Dr Chan. Dr. Chan is always smiling and cares about his patients. He is great with both patients and parents. His staff is always happy and genuinely seems to enjoy working with him. His fees are fair and straightforward. There are no hidden fees. Payment options are provided and affordable. He has said to us he feels that everyone who needs braces should be able to get them that’s why he will work with patients on payment plans.
Katie Provost
Great experience with my teenage daughter getting invisiline. Staff has always been great and easy to work with, and always available if we have questions or concerns. We have had a great experience with Dr. Chan and his team.
Dan Fabrello
Had a great experience with Dr Chan and his recommendation to use Invisalign. Couldn’t be happier with the results and how straight my teeth are now.
Mia Rivera
Theyre all very friendly, helpful, clean and they provide good service!
Dr. Chan and his assistant Melissa, are just wonderful! I couldn't be happier with my results and the amazing customer service I received! Thank you guys!
Junnil Lumba
Friendly staff and love how timely appointments are finished
Gina Halverson
Personable, Organized and welcoming
Daisy Hamby
Being a patient of Dr. Chan for almost 3 years, I would say that I’m very satisfied. The result of his work, providing information about the progress of your plan, and good staff. He is also very flexible in terms of appointments, mostly with patients that cannot visit during office hours. I would definitely go back to Dr. Chan if one of my family members needed braces. I highly recommend him when you are looking for an orthodontist.
Becky Iverson
Dr Chan and his staff are professional and friendlyWe have been pleased with his care
Genalee Swanson
Dr. Chan and staff are absolutely phenomenal!! We moved to Juneau a couple years ago and our daughter had her braces put on from our former state we lived in. Dr. Chan was able to work with the the braces that the previous Ortho had put on. Dr. Chan is ethical and we all hear horrible stories of people going through horrible experiences. You will be very pleased with Dr. Chan , his friendly staff and their experience. We have two other children needing braces and we are choosing Dr. Chan! Thank you and looking forward to seeing you again.
Dr.Chan’s is great and his office staff and service is wonderful. I can not imagine what it takes to run a traveling orthodontist office. When something happens to your braces between visits the office staff are wonderful and quick to connect you with our local ortho hygienist in Juneau. Melissa is super responsive and quick to help fix whatever you may have broken or need more of. Thank you to all of Richard Chan’s office teams.
Sarah Stott
Dr. Chan and his crew are great. They are kind and helpful. Dr. Chan is very accommodating for us traveling from a small community in Alaska.
I have had my braces on for approximately 3 yrs and every time I have came for my appointments the secretary has been very polite and professional along with the rest of the staff. Dr. Richard Chan has been very helpful as well. I highly recommend this place.
Fantastic experience! Highly recommend this office!
Amber Kuppert
We have had a great experience with Dr. Chan and the Juneau staff. We recently moved here and needed to find an orthodontist to continue care for my son’s braces and everything has moved along so smoothly! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Everyone is kind, helpful, caring, and office visits are always efficient! Highly recommend Dr. Chan if you are moving to/living in Juneau!
Lindsay Kell
I had a great experience with Dr. Chan and his staff. I love my smile after Invisalign and I would definitely refer friends and family to his practice.
Solveig Wolter
Very friendly and effective treatments
Noel Perez
I was very pleased with the results I was given by Dr. Chan. I’m very happy with my new smile. The staff were always very kind and ready to help when ever I had any questions about the treatment.
Uziel Perez
First off, I just want to thank Dr Chan and his staff for helping me through my treatment! I love my new smile! 😁Dr Chan was very accommodating for me. I transferred from an orthodontist in FAI, and he picked up my treatment right where I left off. He made sure I was getting the same treatment as before. The staff, and doctor amazing, so knowledgeable, kind, and welcoming. I highly recommend Dr Chan and his staff!
richard chan orthodontics is top notch service with excellent friendly and knowledgeable staff, every time i come in i feel like family. ! thank you so much guys ! ⭐️❤️‍🔥
Ashleigh Rich
I have been a patient for 4 years and finally got my braces off today!! All of Dr Chan’s staff is always so kind and helpful. They did an incredible job of straightening out my teeth and closing the gaps I had. His staff was also very helpful with accommodating my schedule over the years by offering early morning as week as evening appointments. I highly recommend them!
Mia Hines
I have seen Dr. Chan and his staff for many years now, and I couldn’t have hand picked a more amazing group of people to perfect my smile. Every single staff member from front desk to exam room are friendly, professional, trustworthy, and genuinely caring people. I have not been able to stop smiling since I left the clinic! I am very satisfied with my level of care, and would highly recommend Dr. Chan and his wonderful team. We are lucky to have you here in Juneau. Thank you all so much!!
Dr. Chan and his staff were very professional, proficient and friendly. My appointments were always on time and every detail of the orthodontic care was explained clearly. They worked with my insurance company to get the maximum benefits I was allowed and helped set me up with an Orthobank account so the payments were easily managed. I am sooooo very glad I made the decision to pursue the Invisalign method of orthodontia for my crooked teeth. Metal braces just wouldn't work for me at my age. I smile for photographs now and have a higher level of self confidence because I am not ashamed of my teeth. I wish I had done this so much sooner. Thanks Dr. Chan and staff for all the great work. Worth every penny.
Dr. Chan and his team are all very friendly and understandable. I always left my appointments knowing everything that was going on. I just recently had my braces removed and I couldn’t be happier with my new smile.
Madison Dilly
This is my go to dentist and I have nothing to complain about!
The Dr. Chan is amazing! My daughter and I have both had treatment from him and are both very happy with our end results! PERFECT SMILES! 😁 He’s great at what he does, and has such an amazing group of assistants working for him! We travel in from elsewhere in Alaska happily to see him because we know it’s worth it to have the BEST.
Lisa Flores
I am a middle age patient who needed re-treatment after having braces in my teens.I explored Smile Direct before setting up a free consultation with Dr. Chan. Smile Direct was the cheaper option, but you get what you pay for, and they weren't able to come close to the correction that Dr. Chan could provide. Dr. Chan was able to correct issues that my first treatment at as a teen couldn't address, such as a severe overbite and an off center midline.As an older patient, I felt kind of foolish going back into braces, but Dr. Chan and his staff always treated me with kindness and respect. All of my questions were answered fully and in detail, and repeatedly whenever I felt like I needed extra reassurance.I have enjoyed my journey so much that my daughter will get her braces from Dr. Chan as well. She has already had two appointments with him. She isn't quite ready yet, but his office sets up annual checks to monitor her growth - free of charge! I don't even have to remember to schedule her appointments, they call me!
Hayden Michels
Michelle Vuille
Dr. Chan did a wonderful job with my son's braces and his teeth now look amazing!! My son had a great experience with all staff and I was impressed with how friendly and professional everyone was. Highly recommend.
Thank you so much for being the best dentist!! My teeth look and feel so good!!
I have loved going through Dr.Chan for my braces! He always explains things in a good way that I can understand how to take care of my teeth. When I broke my brackets when Dr.Chan was out of town I was able to get them fixed by the amazing staff in Juneau. Overall, I had a great experience with Dr.Chan and recommend going through him for your braces.
Dr Chan and his staff are wonderful! We have been so pleased with the care we've received over the last few You should see the transformation of my daughters' smiles! They're just stunning!Dr Chan does not approach his patients with a "one size fits all" mentality. Each of my kids have been treated differently based on their individual needs. This hasn't always been the case for our family with other orthodontists. The kindness and professionalism we've experienced has been top notch!I have to say, my favorite thing about Dr. Chan is the way he talks to my kids about their care rather than talking to me about them. I get to be a full part of the conversation, but without lecturing Dr. Chan makes sure they know they're responsible for the day to day care of their braces. He also explains what they can expect from the choice to be diligent or the pitfalls of not in a way that makes them eager to do their best. It was so refreshing to have my teens addressed as responsible young adults and have their questions answered so thoughtfully.We were hesitant to go through Dr. Chan since he's not based in Juneau full time, but after the rave reviews we had heard we decided to gamble on him. I'm so thankful we did! Even with the trials of COVID, my kids received amazing care and were able to get broken wires and stuff fixed by Dr. Chain's Juneau staff whenever needed. I would recommend Dr. Chan time and again. He and his team are truly fantastic!
Stefanie D
I’ve been going to Dr. Chan for almost two years now. I decided to get Invisalign at a later date in life and I’ve been extremely impressed with the results. Visits are not too often to be overwhelming, and are always fast and efficient. Highly recommend Dr. Chan for Invisalign!
Tee dee
My 15 year old needed braces and they were great with explaining things where you can understand. They had great payment plan as our insurance did not cover. Very accommodating and pleasant demeanor of all staff. Very satisfied with the treatment.
Gabie Anderson
I highly recommend Dr. Chan Orthodontics for anyone wanting to get braces! I had a fantastic experience and they have a very friendly staff. My front teeth were crooked and I had an overbite before going to Dr. Chan, and I could not be more pleased with the results!
Rebecca Powers
My daughter was very comfortable with Dr. Chan. The entire staff is amazing and we are very pleased with the treatment she received. They were always very responsive to emails and phone calls. I really can’t say enough good things and am so happy we chose Dr. Chan and his team for this investment!
Kwynn Jensen
Kind and welcoming staff. Very professional environment. Puts a smile on my face.
Mary Johns
Our son had a difficult case, as he was missing some permanent teeth so we saw Dr. Chan for almost three years. Recently Dr. Chan completed his work and we are extremely pleased and overjoyed with the results. I would say that over the three years you get to really know a doc and their operation. Dr. Chan and his staff were ALWAYS PROFESSIONAL & VERY FRIENDLY & CARING. People may wonder about Dr. Chan not having a permanent operation in Juneau but that never was a problem for us. Yes we had brackets come off and the normal issues but we there was always a way that our issue was resolved and generally within the same day. We would highly recommend Dr. Chan to anyone seeking Orthodontia treatment.
Bruce Massey
I am Nancy Massey, a 63 year old woman who has suffered from bone loss in my mouth. My teeth kept moving til they were unattractive and I faced the possibility of losing them. I saw the only local orthodontist in Juneau and was told he wouldn't touch the top teeth. I felt defeated, however there was a visiting orthodontist ....Dr. Chan.I saw him and my life has forever changed.I have a great smile and my teeth are intact. I will be eternally grateful to the skills of Dr. Chan.
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