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Richard Chan Orthodontics Shares Fun Facts About Teeth Following National Orthodontic Health Month

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Since last month was National Orthodontic Health Month, Seattle, WA-area and Juneau, AK orthodontist, Richard Chan Orthodontics, wants to continue keeping teeth top of mind by offering 10 fun facts about oral health and orthodontics this month.

1. It All Started in the 1700s

A French surgeon and dentist named Pierre Fauchard invented the bandeau, a metal strip bent like a horseshoe meant to expand the dental arch and straighten teeth.

2. And Really Kicked Off in the 1970s

About 200 years later, stainless steel became popular for contemporary braces because of its less expensive cost and increased flexibility over previous materials.

3. Teeth Can’t Repair Themselves

Enamel, the thin but hard outer shell of teeth, isn’t living tissue so it can’t heal itself.

4. Enamel is The Toughest

Yet, enamel is also the hardest material in the body, even harder than bone!

5. Teeth Naturally Want to Shift Back to Where They Started

Why is a retainer a must after braces or Invisalign? Teeth have a natural tendency to shift back to their original positions over time. A retainer prevents teeth from moving.

6. No Two Sets of Teeth Are Alike

Just like fingerprints, teeth are unique to each and every person. That’s why Dr. Richard Chan at his Bothell, Monroe, Mill Creek, WA, and Juneau, AK orthodontic offices delivers personalized treatment that addresses each patient’s specific orthodontic issues.

7. Saliva Is Necessary, And A Lot of It

A person can produce up to 730 liters of saliva per year. And it’s all for good use — saliva helps with tasting, chewing and digestion, reduces oral bacteria, has proteins and minerals that strengthen teeth, and prevents bad breath.

8. Straight Teeth Are Easier To Keep Clean

Well-aligned teeth have fewer nooks and crannies for plaque and food debris to hide. They’re easier to brush and floss effectively which means a reduced risk of tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

9. A Stunning Smile Boosts Confidence

As a Juneau, AK and Seattle-area expert orthodontist, Dr. Chan has seen countless patients step into a newfound confidence because of their new smile.

10. Straight Teeth Help Optimize Eating and Digestion

Crooked teeth and a bad bite can make biting, chewing and swallowing difficult. This can then affect proper digestion and overall health. In contrast, a straight smile offers optimum oral functioning.

Your Seattle-area Orthodontist Making Braces Accessible and Easy

American Board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Richard Chan, and his team strive to provide informed, stress-free braces and Invisalign treatment that works for every patient’s specific needs, lifestyle, and budget. And whether visiting the Bothell, Monroe, Mill Creek, WA, or Juneau, AK orthodontic office, patients are greeted by an award-winning, friendly team at a bright, modern office designed with patient comfort in mind.

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