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7 Fun Educational Activities to do With Kids at Home

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As we all try to practice social distancing and many of us are now homeschooling our kiddos while balancing working from home, it can be tough to keep little ones engaged, learning and having fun. Dr. Richard Chan isn’t just an Alaska, Bothell, Monroe and Mill Creek orthodontist, he’s also a dad, so he knows exactly what you’re going through! That’s why the Richard Chan Orthodontics team thought we’d share some fun educational activities to do with kids at home.

  1. Go on a Virtual Field Trip – Virtual field trips are fun things to do with kids at home that can help expand their horizons. Thousands of museums have made their collections viewable through Google Arts & Culture. If you’ve always dreamed of taking your kids to far flung museums, now’s your chance. Check out the collections here. Google is also taking you through national parks in the United States. 
  2. Do Science Experiments – DIY science experiments are a great learning activity for kids of all ages and there are a ton of different ones you can do using household products and supplies. Here are a few fun ones:
    • DIY Rock Candy Mommy Poppins shares how to make rock candy at home using water, sugar, skewers and food coloring. 
    • Rain Cloud in a Jar I Can Teach My Child has a tutorial for making a rain cloud in a jar with a glass jar, a plate, water and ice cubes.
    • Elephant Toothpaste – Sign us up for anything smile related! Visit Preschool Powol Packets for a fun science experiment for kids that involves making elephant toothpaste and relies on chemistry concepts.
    • The Classic Volcano – Of course, we have to mention the classic volcano science experiment. Science Fun for Everyone has the details!
  3. Plant a Garden – Planting a garden is fun and educational because children get to learn about nature, as well as nutrition and healthy eating. Plus, little ones are also way more likely to eat their veggies if they’ve grown them themselves. If you have room in your backyard, start your own plot of vegetables and maybe let your child choose between several different options. Then, have them plant, weed and water the garden. Or, you can do a windowsill garden of herbs if you’re short on outdoor space.
  4. Take Advantage of Free Educational Resources – There are a number of free resources full of educational activities for kids. Scholastic has launched Scholastic Learn at Home, which has daily learning experiences designed around a story or video with different options for children pre-k through grade nine.  Crash Course has free lessons on YouTube for high schoolers on pretty much every subject, ranging from astronomy to literature. For the tiniest tots, ABC Mouse is offering a free 30-day trial of its online curriculum for ages two to eight. 
  5. Read, Read and Read Some More! – Reading is hands-down one of the best educational activities to do with kids at home because it teaches them language skills and comprehension, sparks their imagination and helps you bond. With the extra time we all have on our hands, why not go for a longer chapter book that you can read to your children over the next few weeks by tackling a chapter or two a day. Wired has a list of the best chapter books to read aloud to kids if you need some inspiration. 
  6. Bake Something Together – It might come as a surprise to have baking listed as one of our learning activities for kids to do at home. But, it involves weights and numbers, thanks to the measuring required, learning how to follow instructions and a little bit of food science. And, when you’re done, you have a delicious treat to enjoy together. Check out these 21 fun and easy recipes for baking with kids. Or, if you’re trying to stick with pantry staples to minimize trips to the store, you can’t go wrong with wacky cake, which requires no eggs, no butter and no milk.
  7. Do Art Classes – Art classes help children tap into their creativity. While they’re still learning and developing skills, art can be a good way to break up the day between their regular school lessons. Mo Willems, the Kennedy Center’s artist-in-residence, is inviting kids into his studio each day with LUNCH DOODLES. Artist and educator Deborah Putnoi will be broadcasting live on Facebook Monday through Friday at 2pm with art lessons.

 We hope these educational activities to do with kids at home help and we also hope everyone is hanging in there! While our offices are temporarily closed in an effort to do our part to flatten the curve, if you have any orthodontic questions or concerns, please, don’t hesitate to reach out! Or, if you’ve been considering straightening your teeth, take advantage of our virtual consultations.


Our Response to COVID-19 & FAQs

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[UPDATED: March 19th, 2020]

March, 19th, 2020,

Hi Family,

In light of the rapidly changing status of COVID-19, we are following the governor’s health mandate in Washington and Alaska to close our doors beyond April 13th. Our Washington offices will be closed until May 18th, 2020.

For our offices in Alaska, we are following the governor’s health mandate and will close our doors and cancel all appointments until April 19, 2020.

We understand that there are a lot of questions and concerns during this time. Even though our doors are closed, our emails and phone are not. Please do not hesitate to call us  in the case of an emergency, we are still here for you. We are actively working on setting up virtual appointments with Dr. Chan when possible too.

Until we can open our doors again and see you, please stay safe, stay in and stay smiling!


Dr. Chan and the Team at Richard Chan Orthodontics


March 18, 2020

Hi family,

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis and in the interest of protecting our patients and the RCO Team, we are following the recommendation of Governor Jay Inslee as well as the Washington State Dental Association, American Dental Association, and the Washington State Department of Health, and have made the decision to close our office (EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY) and cancel all appointments until at least April 13th, 2020. We will be contacting and rescheduling every patient who is on the schedule from now until then. We are actively working on setting up virtual appointments with Dr. Chan when possible too!


How should I proceed if I am wearing braces or an appliance?

Please make sure you keep good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing three times a day. Also remember, DO NOT eat forbidden foods to avoid any breakage. If wearing any elastic continue to do so as directed. Your braces will continue to straighten your teeth all day and night. Proper elastic wear will continue to correct your bite. We will be able to advance your treatment once we reopen.

How should I proceed if I am wearing Invisalign aligners?

Please make sure to keep wearing your active aligners as instructed to continue progressing your treatment. Make sure to use your chewies and bite and hold to seat the aligners in areas where you may see visible space between your tooth and the aligner. For best use, bite into your chewie for 10 seconds and work it around your teeth lightly biting holding for a 10-minute session.

If you no longer have aligners to continue to your next week, it is perfectly fine to reduce your last aligner wear to a retainer phase of 10-12 hours per day to ensure that your teeth stay in position and make your aligner last longer. Keep your aligners clean and avoid all drinks other than water while wearing them. When our office reopens, we will make a new digital scan for new aligners.

Always remember to wash your hands before placing and removing your aligners or elastics.

What should I do if I am scheduled to start treatment soon?

We are excited for all our patients to take this big step, and look forward to seeing your new smile when it is finished. We are hopeful that this schedule alteration will be short. When this situation has stabilized, we are going be ready for you!

What about getting my braces off?

Although dental care is very safe for patients and providers with standard universal precautions and hospital level sterilization protocols, cleaning teeth and the removal of orthodontic bonding materials produces aerosols that can possibly contain biological material. A deferral of removing braces is a good practice at a time like this. Always brush and floss thoroughly to maintain your dental health as we await the passing of this situation. We will resume removal of braces when we are advised that it is safe to do so.

I have a routine monitoring appointment upcoming (retainer check, growth monitoring, recall examination, or new patient consultation).

These appointments are very important, but by their nature become elective at a time like this. We will maintain all appointment records within our computer system, and will reschedule them appropriately when the community situation returns to normal.

We are told to wash our hands frequently; how should we handle wearing aligners, retainers, elastics, etc?

It is important to continue wearing your aligners and your rubber bands to maintain your treatment progress, or your treatment result if currently wearing retainers. Follow recommendations by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after removing or placing your aligners, retainers, or elastics. These items can also be washed or cleaned in a diluted soap and water solution. An old toothbrush is ideal for this purpose. After cleaning the appliance, rinse thoroughly in cold water to minimize the soapy taste, just like when doing the dishes.

I lost or broke my retainer or aligner. What should I do?

It is always important to wear your retainers after your treatment is complete. Call the office and leave us a voice mail or write us an email, someone will contact you to see how we can proceed. Unfortunately we cannot make you another one without seeing you first.

I have a poking wire or other irritation that is bothering me. What do I do?

Call us! We will instruct you on the best resolution to the problem. We will try to help you with an easy fix at home. In the event of a true emergency situation involving severe pain or discomfort, this could involve a quick VIP trip to the office for a fix in a private setting where you would be the only patient in the office.

We will remain available for emergencies and to answer any questions via phone or email.
Phone: 425-485-9332
Email: [email protected]

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for timely updates.


Thank you so much for your support and understanding during this difficult time. We feel blessed to be part of such an amazing community. We take comfort knowing we will get through this together. We will continue to update you as new information becomes available. Stay safe and keep smiling!

Dr. Chan and the Team at Richard Chan Orthodontics