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How We Make Orthodontic Treatment Affordable for Our Patients

By June 1, 2018September 16th, 2023Orthodontics

At Richard Chan Orthodontics, our practice is centered on the idea that everyone should have access to the best orthodontic care regardless of their financial situation. No one should have to miss out on having a healthy, confident smile because of their budget. That’s why we do everything in our power to make our Alaska, Bothell, Monroe and Mill Creek, WA orthodontic treatment affordable for our patients without compromising on results or service. From flexible financing to free consultations, here’s how we strive to ensure having straight teeth isn’t a luxury or out of reach for the families in our community.

Free Consultations

Every smile makeover starts with a free consultation. This initial visit is so important for helping you make informed decisions and giving you a feel for the practice and your options before you commit to treatment. Orthodontic treatment is an investment and a big step, so you want to feel comfortable prior to kicking things off.

At Richard Chan Orthodontics, the consultation includes complimentary x-rays, an exam and the chance to chat with Dr. Chan and the team about your diagnosis, teeth-straightening choices, the treatment plan, finances and insurance. We can give you an estimate of how long your treatment will last and all of the details, making it feel less overwhelming.

Complete Transparency

At your consultation, in addition to discussing your treatment options and Dr. Chan’s plan for your smile, we’ll go over the fees upfront. Of course, the cost of Invisalign and braces depends on the severity of your case but once Dr. Chan has the chance to evaluate your bite, he can outline the fees.

We work out the details before treatment begins, so there are never any surprises or hidden costs. With everything out on the table from the start, you can make the financing choices that work for you and plan accordingly.

Flexible Financing

We offer in-office, interest-free financing with low monthly payments as part of our efforts to make our Alaska and Seattle-area orthodontic treatment affordable. We’ll work out a payment plan that suits your budget. We take a variety of forms of payment as well, including cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. If financing isn’t for you and you’d prefer to make the full payment at the start of treatment, we’ll even give you a discount.

We make orthodontics affordable! Schedule a consultation today!


We accept most insurance at Richard Chan Orthodontics and since the world of orthodontic insurance coverage can be confusing, our team of experts is here to help. Provide us with your insurance information at your initial consultation and we’ll determine your coverage and what portion of the fees you’ll be responsible for.

Some dental insurance policies cover orthodontics and some don’t. Additionally, certain insurances only cover braces and Invisalign for people 18-years-old and under, though many are beginning to include orthodontic treatment coverage for adults. When you’re shopping for insurance or given options by your employer during open enrollment, do the research and see if orthodontic coverage is included and who can benefit.

It can make a huge difference in your out-of-pocket costs. Another thing to keep in mind is, it’s not uncommon for insurance providers to refuse to cover treatment that’s underway. Therefore, try to have a plan in place before starting treatment if you can.

When considering orthodontic insurance coverage, questions to ask include:

  • Does the plan cover work in progress? (This is crucial if you’ve already started treatment.)
  • Is there a waiting period before I begin orthodontic treatment?
  • Is there an age limit for coverage?
  • Are any types of treatment not covered?
  • What’s the deductible?
  • Is there a lifetime limit?

If your dental plan does cover treatment, we’ll file claims on your behalf and we’re always happy to answer any insurance questions. If you find out your plan doesn’t offer orthodontic treatment coverage, don’t panic. In addition to settling on a manageable payment plan, you may also be able to use funds from your health savings account (HSA) and flexible spending account (FSA) to reimburse yourself for your own care or that of your dependents that’s not covered.



We know finding an orthodontist who accepts Medicaid in Washington State can feel like an exercise in frustration. We have good news. Richard Chan Orthodontics accepts Washington Medicaid and doesn’t put a limit on the number of Medicaid patients we see either, so you won’t have to wait forever to get the treatment you need. Just as we would with any other type of insurance, we’ll check your eligibility and handle the paperwork for you. 

Conservative Treatment

Dr. Chan takes a conservative approach to treatment and by using the latest technology, techniques and appliances, he can achieve excellent results in less time, making the process more cost-effective for patients. This is particularly true when it comes to children. He does minimal treatment on young kids and, in the vast majority of cases, he can get a dramatic outcome without lengthy, costly, two-phase orthodontic treatment.

Those are some of the ways we make our Alaska and Seattle-area orthodontic treatment affordable for our patients. There are so many people who would love to have straight teeth and amazing oral health but can’t afford it and we don’t think that’s fair. If it still feels like braces or Invisalign are out of reach, you have nothing to lose by coming in for a free consultation at our orthodontic office in Mill Creek, Monroe or Bothell, WA or Juneau, AK (we cover a lot of ground here at Richard Chan Orthodontics).

Book your appointment today and let’s work together to find a solution to get you the beautiful smile you deserve.




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