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Where in the World is Dr. Chan?

By June 12, 2011June 12th, 2017Community

Summer vacation is fast approaching, and we want to hear all about how you and your family spend it this year.

Whether you are going on a trip around the world, camping, hiking, or simply enjoying your backyard, enter our “Where in the World is Dr. Chan” contest and show us!

What to do:

Simply pick up one of our Dr. Chan cutouts at the office and bring it along with you on your adventures. Snap a picture of yourself holding the cutout and send it to us. Here are the categories you can enter your picture under:

1. Farthest away
2. Most patriotic
3. Most goofy
4. Most adventurous

At the end of the summer, we will have prizes for the winners in each category.

We are looking forward to posting these pictures in our office as we receive them throughout the summer.

Happy Adventures!!!

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